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Can compression help runners?

Are you a compression runner or are you yet to be converted? We find out why compression can help runners what’s behind all the hype.

Sports Injury Fix Treatment Room at the RunFit Expo

We are delighted to announce we are adding a Treatment Room at next May’s RunFit Expo, where Sports Injury Fix will be offering sports massages and treatments.

Confessions of a non-PB runner

I run 3/4 times a week and I well and truly have the running bug …. but I have a confession to make, I am officially a non-PB runner!

Sign up to the No 1 Women’s Running magazine

There is nothing better than coming home to find the latest copy of Women’s Running magazine on your doorstep, so sign up to the No 1 Women’s Running magazine and be a part of their amazing community.

The Welsh Runner will defend his title next year

Some people call it obsessed with running. I call it dedicated – The Welsh Runner, Matt Rees confirms he will defend his Rock n Roll Half Marathon title next year!

99.9 per cent need not apply

99.9 per cent need not apply …. these are the words Andy Grant heard, aged 16, after watching an advert for the Royal Marines and these are the words that formed the ethos that got him through the biggest battle of his life.

A week of crazy challenges

At last weekend’s RunFit Expo, one of our Guest Speakers Ian Jones was pushing himself to his limits with a week of crazy challenges.

Behind the Scenes of the RunFit Expo

It takes 20 weeks of blood, sweat and tears to train for a marathon and it takes 12 months of hard graft, worry, stress but immense pride to put on a event the size of the RunFit Expo last weekend, so what goes on behind the scenes.

RunFit Expo and Race Times

RunFit Expo opening times and race times for this weekend’s events.

Guest Speakers

Times of Guest Speakers this weekend.