Feature Stands


Natterjack are a specialist running shop based in Liverpool and Southport, offering gait analysis and advice.
They stock all your favourite brands and are on-hand to offer advice to ensure you have the best runs possible.


Founded in Australia in 2005, 2XU is the global leader in sports compression and high performance sports apparel. 2XU compression is designed and tested in consultation with sports scientists and industry experts, and is backed by independent, scientific research by the Australian Institute of Sport and other leading research teams. Present in more than 70 countries worldwide 2XU is the sportswear brand of choice for the world’s best athletes and sports teams. 2XU helps athletes of all abilities to train, perform and recover at their peak across sports including running, high-intensity interval training, basketball, football and triathlon.

2XU is Human Performance. Multiplied.

FEATURE STAND 3 – Sports Injury Fix

It’s traditionally been very hard to find a sports injury treatment provider that specialises in your sport or injury. Instead there is a confusing array of professions all telling you they are the best. The average person tries three or more therapists before they find one they like costing them time and money.

SportsInjuryFix.com brings the market into one place and and lets you search the way you want by lots of variables including location, sports and injury specialism. This maximises your chance of finding the right treatment first time.

FEATURE STAND 4 – Alton Sports

Alton Sports was founded in 1999 with the simple objective of making sure people are fitted in the correct footwear. We stock probably the most comprehensive range of running footwear, with all major brands accounted for. We don’t shy away from innovation in the industry and are keen for our customers to try the latest in running trends and know about the very latest in technology.


Founded by Mr Ito Tsuneyuki as a knitwear manufacturer in the Nagoya region of Japan in 1963, ‘Yama Tsune’ initially began to produce women’s clothing items for use by many of the countries large corporations. As the countries economy grew Yama Tsune recognised the demand for specific items such as socks and mittens, especially those of a durable and high quality construction. Today YAMAtune produce a wide range of Performance Socks featuring Spider Arch Support and Non-Slip Dots, all made in Japan.

FEATURE STAND 6 – Hoka One One

Radical change often comes about in trying to solve a simple problem. Our original goal was to improve endurance race times by designing a shoe to go downhill faster. In doing so, we inadvertently reinvented the running shoe.

Our new shoes improved the experience of going uphill too. And down again. And up again. It turns out that redesigning a shoe that helps an athlete tackle 100 miles in challenging conditions can help all runners perform.

While trail runners by night, our day jobs were in gravity sports. We had a hand in several snow sport and cycling innovations – including the parabolic ski – and everyday we asked ourselves the question, “How do we go faster?” When we imposed a form-follows-function discipline to designing a trail running shoe, we asked the same question. We answered it with a shoe that was met with ridicule by running shoe establishments, but embraced by runners. Those runners started winning races, and running shoe buyers started paying attention.

Our design ethos owes as much to surfing, skiing and cycling as running, and the patented elements we incorporated into the original shoe – aka the Hoka One One ® difference – influence every shoe we build.




Free yoga classes throughout the weekend aimed at stretching and core strength for runners.
Classes are free and matts are provided so all you have to do it pick a time and turn up:

3.00pm to 3.30pm
5.00pm to 5.30pm
11.00am to 11.30am
1.00pm to 1.30pm
2.00pm to 2.30pm
4.00pm to 4.30pm

MEDIA PARTNER – Women’s Running magazine – Stand 15

Women’s Running UK is the first running magazine in the United Kingdom written by, about, and for all women.
The Women’s Running magazine team are huge believers in the positive power of running and in the strength and sisterhood of the running community. Their goal is simple: to motivate, inspire and support women of all abilities on their running journeys.
Women’s Running UK covers all aspects of the running lifestyle from nutrition and injury prevention to gear reviews and training plans.
Whether you’re lacing up your first pair of trainers or training for your 250th marathon we can help you reach your running goals!