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Wonder Woman meets Super Mum

Some people say you can’t have it all but we reckon Super Mum Kelly Ruck (@kellogs_ontherun) has got the balance just right.

Why, after your shoes, socks are your most important piece of kit!

Wearing the right kind of running socks can be the difference between a great run or a painful one, find the right pair of socks that suit you…

Ginger – the root to solving stomach discomfort!

Ginger contains a compound called gingerol which is a relative of the compounds found in chilli peppers and turmeric …find out how this can help solve stomach discomfort.

Helping our NHS heroes keep hydrated

Helping our NHS keep hydrated.No-one deserves good hydration more than our hardworking NHS heroes, battling the outbreak of Covid-9.

Keep calm and have a bath!

KEEP CALM AND HAVE A BATH! The treating of ailments using salt baths was first recorded in China in 2,700BC and over the years the addition of pure and natural minerals has enhanced the physical and mental benefits, a benefit of natural mineral wellbeing Westlab is passionate about bringing to everyone. Pure and natural ingredients … Continued

Win, lost or draw Jemina Cooper pushes her limits every single day

From ballerina to semi-pro triathlete, we ask Jemina Cooper how she is coping with every day life during the Lockdown.

Pilates with Jemima Cooper

Join Jemima Cooper for live Pilates classes for athletes of all levels to develop their strength and to perform at their optimum. 

Ian Jones combines the pressures of his job and training with famiy life

We chat with Ian Jones (@ianjonesrunsocr) to find out how he combines the pressures of his job with his training and family life.

Blisters can be a right pain in the…

Regardless of how hard we try to avoid them we have all at one time had a blister and know just how painful they can be… but to find out why do we get them, we need to ask PelliTec®, the blister experts. Foot blisters are caused by skin rubbing against a static surface like … Continued

All for the love of tea

If like our MD Joanne here at RunFit Expo you have a passion for drinking tea and simply cant get through the day without at least eight cups, the good news is that during her long runs she doesn’t have to miss out!