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Blisters … prevention is better than a cure

The dreaded blisters … every runners worse nightmare but have we been looking at blisters the wrong way? Instead of worrying how we will treat blisters when we get them on a long run, how about we just prevent them to begin with?!

A survey has revealed that 15% of people who don’t treat blisters correctly may increase the risk of infection, which could possibly lead to sepsis so lets prevent them from happening full stop!

Dr. Lindsay A Hill BSc (Hons) MSc PhD MChS HCPC, podiatrist at Axis Podiatry commented: “People are under the illusion that getting a blister is simply an irritation and inconvenience but actually there is a really serious risk attached to having a blister.”

A blister is caused by skin rubbing against a static surface like the inside of a shoe. The friction causes the skin layers to separate and fill with fluid. If they ‘pop’, the body’s natural defence is opened up to infection which is some extreme cases can lead to sepsis – a life threatening condition.

“Fitness enthusiasts, including cyclists, runners and walkers, often think they aren’t susceptible to blisters as they wear specially fitted equipment. However, what they often don’t realise is that the structure of feet changes during exercise and responds to different conditions, so could swell more than ‘usual’ resulting in a blister.” Dr Lindsay A Hill concluded.

And this is where PelliTec® come in as it is a bit of gamechanger!

PelliTec® is a revolutionary blister prevention pad that relieves the pressure and pain of a blister, reduces the occurrence of blisters and reduces the risk of infection.

Peter Broxton, brand director at PelliTec said: “Blisters can be an unwelcome effect of doing exercise, so it makes sense that where possible, people want to avoid getting them. The expression ‘prevention is better than a cure’ is really true when it comes to blisters. The PelliTec® Blister Prevention Pad was created with sportspeople in mind and its unique six-layer formation means not only will it protect any unwanted blisters, allowing them to heal, but can also be used to prevent them from happening in the first place.”

By sticking securely to the inside of your footwear and over the blister, the PelliTec® pad works to cushion and protect the affected area wicking away moisture thereby reducing pressure, pain and the risk of infection.

So order yours today and put a stop to those blisters!