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All for the love of tea

If you have a passion for drinking tea and simply can’t get through the day without it, the good news is that during your long runs you don’t have to miss out with Mission UK!

Just like the founder of MISSION UK, Tom, who in 2016 embarked on a charity cycle ride covering the length of South America. Cycling 12 hours a day for 9 months straight and wanted any energy-boost he could find, so turned to what he so regularly did in his old office job – coffee and artificial energy drinks.

In the office and on the bike, he struggled hugely with spikes and slumps in energy levels as a result. However, when he discovered the local teas in Argentina he found a much more sustainable way to fuel himself. These teas were predominantly made using Yerba Mate (pronounced yer-bah mah-tay) and he became obsessed with the link between performance and tea.

Arriving back in the UK, with the help of sports scientists, nutritionists and master tea blenders, he tested over 700 blends, researching different ingredients that would truly make a difference when it came to performance and wellbeing. As well as Yerba Mate, the most significant ingredients included Matcha, known for a slow release of energy and Rooibos, known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Tom put the final recipes through their paces during his World Record Breaking Run across Iceland. Running for over 10 hours a day, he found the sustainable effects from the teas (10-20mg of caffeine) much more beneficial than hard hitting coffee (300mg + of caffeine) and energy drink alternatives (28g of sugar). He completed the run with energy to spare and launched MISSION – hot and cold brew teas to fuel your extraordinary.

To fuel your extraordinary, MISSION believe you need to focus on a slow, sustainable release of energy and have therefore created a range of blends ideal to replace conventional energy drinks and gels – and the great news is, Joanne still gets her ‘tea fix’.

And she’s not the only one that thinks that tea is a great energiser, MISSION have a Team of world-class athletes who take MISSION every day:

“I feel brighter and more alert when having MISSION’s slow release energy teas and don’t get the same caffeine crash as I would with coffee. It’s also great to chill out with a cup of tea and be maximising recovery at the same time.”

Adelle Tracy

“I would recommend MISSION to any athlete. One of the best things about MISSION is that the products are really good on my stomach. I never have any issues during sessions if I’ve had a tea before whereas a lot of coffees don’t sit too well on my sensitive stomach. Also, because of the slower-release caffeine it’s a nice feeling not having to post a caffeine crash like you get with coffee.”

Callum Johnson

“I always start the day with a cocoa + ginger – you can actually taste the chocolate and it provides a buzz without the crash! Cold matchas on the bike are great too. I love the philosophy of using less sugar for energy. We’re drinking far too much of it in energy drinks.”

Nick Butter

To find out more about the science and to try a sample visit MISSION visit at: missionuk.com