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Why run when you can fly?

Empowering runners to feel like they can fly with a bold and unexpected approach to performance footwear, HOKA ONE ONE asks the question, why run when you can fly?

HOKA ONE ONE is the fastest growing running shoe company in the world and it came about by two runners, Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud, who wanted to design a shoe to help them go downhill faster … and in advertently reinvented the humble running shoe.

Even if you have never tried this brand of shoe, everyone recognises it from the way it looks. From first impressions, they might look big and even cumbersome but HOKA ONE ONE have designed a shoe that allows your feet to move naturally with maximum comfort, they are surprisingly light and they gives the sensation that you’re running slightly above the ground – like you are flying!

So what is so difference about these shoes?


Over the years, HOKA have become synonymous with premium cushioning – and for good reason. They are constantly searching for lighter, more responsive and durable cushion that protects without compromising performance and has resulted in adding faster, lighter shoes to their range.


Meta-Rocker, or wheels for your feet, is all about the geometry. Combined with a low heel-toe drop, their unique-shaped midsoles and signature HOKA cushioning to complement a runner’s normal gait cycle and drive you forward.


The Active Foot Frame beds the heel and foot deeply into the midsole, as opposed to sitting on top. This means that every HOKA shoe offers guidance without the need for posts or other constricting elements. The Active Foot Frame functions like a bucket seat in a race car by cradling and supporting your foot.


The J-Frame™ supports and guides your foot without the use of heavy, rigid or unforgiving materials. It gets its name from the “J” shape, which uses a firmer density foam to support the inside of your foot and heel. It’s stability plus HOKA comfort.


PROFLY™ is a dual-density midsole with a forgiving landing and a responsive toe off. That means we use softer cushioning in the heel and firmer foam in the forefoot, so you can land comfortably, but push off quickly.


HOKA have grown a big running community so don’t just take our word for it, here’s what they have to say:

“I started running to lose weight and have a healthier life. I will never stop running. It makes me feel alive and happy. I always wear HOKA as they are the most versatile shoes and I trust them to take care of me.” HOKA fan Rodri

“The Rocket X is a fast and furious shoe. I feel like I’m flying when I use them. I usually suffer aches and pains after hard track sessions, but with the Rocket X, I can train perfectly the day after. Covid may have stolen the chance for me to race in them in Kona this year, but I’m really looking forward to racing in them on the big island in 2021”. HOKA Elite Athlete Emilio Aguayo Muñoz

“I originally started running to try and stay in shape as my job means I’m sat down for most of the day. I’ve recently found a love for trail running, being outdoors, discovering new routes and pushing myself over difficult terrains. I’ve found myself watching a lot of ultramarathon and trail running documentaries. Watching not only elite athletes, but also everyday runners pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones is a massive inspiration. Earlier in the year, a 24-hour team relay was cancelled, so I decided to take on the challenge solo, starting from my own doorstep. I ran about 10km per hour, with a 1-hour rest between each one, and covered 100km by the end of the day. It would have been easy to stop when tiredness kicked in and I was at home resting and comfortable. I made myself accountable, telling everyone who’d listen that I was going to do it. I hate failing at something I’ve committed to, so that was the motivation I needed to keep going. Pain is temporary, but achievements are forever.” HOKA fan Darren Gosney.
📸 Jake Baggaley at Maverick Race


“I started running 15 years ago to battle anxiety, and it gave me a way to find peace of mind. My biggest challenge was training for a marathon when I had four young kids at home. The only time I could train was to get up when everybody in the house was still asleep. I’d get out of bed really early, have one coffee and go outside before my mind had realised it. That was my ‘me time’, an opportunity to charge myself with good energy. I’ve moved to the mountains now and it’s paradise for a trail runner like me.” HOKA fan Ani.

“The Rocket X is the lightest and fastest shoe in the HOKA universe. When I put them on, I instantly want to run fast. This racer is light and fast, but also cushioned. It’s the perfect shoe for my next fast marathon.” HOKA elite athlete Thea Heim.

“Doing workouts alone and training alone, you know how to grind it out by yourself. But I’ve become a better athlete, a better teammate, a better person, because of the two ladies I train alongside every single day. I’m training with two people who are top-10 in the country. You can’t let your guard down, and you can never get complacent. I would like to leave an imprint on this sport and leave it better than when I started, and you have other women around you, helping you do that. That’s very powerful.” HOKA Northern Arizona Elite Athlete Stephanie Bruce


Head over to HOKA ONE ONE and find the right pair for you, as after the year we have all had, 2021 really is the #timetofly