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Make your grumpy monkey smile this Christmas

Make your grumpy monkey smile this Christmas.

It’s been a VERY strange year this year and in our household this Christmas we’ve decided to knock it back to the good old days of one small present per person. We’ve decided to make Christmas personal again, to take the pressure away from the over-the-top Christmas and we are doing what we can is make sure we don’t give Christmas to Amazon …. so we are buying one pair of the brightest, funniest socks we can for each other … and we will be looking no further than Grumpy Monkey Socks to help make this happen!

Unique & quirky performance socks for the bold and adventurous. Grumpy Monkey socks are hard-wearing, luxurious socks that boast double toe, heel and arch support, with breathable mesh.

And for best of all, they have an anti-droop system that makes sure the socks stay up and never slide …. one of our pet grumbles on a run!!!

So whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, off-road enthusiast or in search of the ultimate lifestyle sock. No matter what your interest or hobbies – there’s a bold design just for you!

For my son … has he is a real-life Grumpy Monkey

For my husband – as no-one can eat a pizza a fast as him

For my mum – as she loves the great outdoors

For my sister – as she loves nothing better than hot, beach holidays

Christmas sorted in my house! 🙂

Grumpy Monkey have also been busy working on their other ranges which now include caps, tshirts and leggings … so head over to make your little monkey’s happy this Christmas.