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Go beyond your expectations

361 Europe is still a relatively new company but are making quite a name for themselves as the company that goes beyond your expectations.

Formed in 2016 – even though they felt the world didn’t need another running shoe brand – they entering the world of running to deliver a shoe to a niche market of runners who would appreciate an honest story and a great product.

They strongly believe the right place to get a great pair of running shoes is with your local specialist running store. They have built up strong relationships with local running shops by supporting them with events for local running communities.  361’s ethos is to serve runners with specific running experiences – their shoes – and support local businesses…. we told you they go beyond your expectations!

Their ambassadors are real people, living real lives. They aren’t picked by the number of likes or followers. They are recruited on how much they fit the 361 goal to go #BEYONDEXPECTATIONS, from Olympic athletes to people who are turning around unhealthy lifestyles to become multisport athletes and streak runners who bring awareness of mental illness and open up conversations about it. They all have a common goal – to inspire you to do more than you think you can.

So what shoes do they offer?

Strata 4

The 361° Strata 4 stands for a high level of comfort, combined with a really smooth, yet stable platform. Take the Strata on your long runs, on your half or full marathon races, it will definitively deliver on your need for comfort and a stable ride.


The 361º Meraki model is an important product in our line because of it‘s character; it feels fast! Since we launched the model we have seen it being adopted by many runners as part of their core running shoe rotation. The platform of this shoe was designed and developed to feel fast. Whatever your speed and gait type, this shoe gives you a very direct feel of it‘s ride without feeling under cushioned. With the addition of the Ortholite insole you will feel comfortable while getting enough proprioceptive feedback. The 361-Meraki is loved by both athletes and recreational runners, for longer runs as well as tempo workouts.

Spire 4

The Spire is our flagship neutral running shoe and already delivers on the promise of great comfort. When we started working on the creation of the 4th edition we prioritized ‚more comfort‘. Actually, we set a goal to deliver more than that, we wanted ultimate comfort. We formulated a new EVA midsole material QU!CKSPRING+ that allows the shoe to give more cushioning and responsiveness next to the QU!KFOAM layer that already delivers a high level of comfort. We worked together with Ortholite to create our own insole material mix, resulting in a higher level of breathability and better moisture management directly under the foot. Then we redeveloped the upper construction with more breathability and flexibility through improved mesh materials and we reconstructed the heel collar to create a perfect hold and fit.


The Nemesis is a classical high mileage stability shoe and was created based on popular demand. The need for a classic stable everyday trainer is now fulfilled. A proven-and-tested platform featuring an extended medial post provides a stable and secure feeling.


The 361º Sensation is known for it‘s fast feel combined with a platform that provides mild stability. This edition 4 features a specific version of our MORPHIT fit system which wraps around the mid foot. It will give you a more secure feeling and allows you to focus on what‘s most important; running and the thoughts that come and go…. That is why we know you will `Live the Sensation‘. While your running goes on and on you are collecting ideas, inspiration and those crazy pics of you and friends on the road.

Yushan and Taroko

As runners we all love to run around in the most beautiful environments. We take our running shoes with us on every trip and often get them dirty getting lost on a single track. But sometimes you notice you just need a little bit more when you spend more time out on the trails. That is why we created our first real collection of trail shoes. This season we introduce 2 models. First the 361-Yushan, a real trail work-horse. Second the 361-Taroko 2, a very versatile option for those who make their first steps on the trails.

Push your limits and see how far beyond your expectations you can go!