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Find our how Jordan Foster is coping with the Lockdown

Many of you might know Jordan Foster as @projectmarathongirl, the sub 3 hour marathon runner and the ultra runner who took on the 5 day Ultra X Jordan … and came in 1st female! Jordan’s Instagram account is a honest account of the ups and downs of running, training and life in general and her dedication, committment and enthusiasm is infectious.

Jordan was due to be a Guest Speaker at the free entry RunFit Expo in May but a couple of things have happened that might change that …. ‘Rona’ arrived so the Rock n Roll Liverpool Race Weekend, along with the RunFit Expo, has moved to 23-25 October AND Jordan has taken on her latest challenge …. the growing of a little human being which is also due in October.  Typically of Jordan and her ‘can-do’ attitude, she is still planning on attending the Expo so hopefully if the dates all align, we’ll get to meet the new arrival as well.

In the meantime, we’ve had a chat with Jordan about how she is handling the lockdown, the bump and life in general.

1) How are finding the lockdown?
Tough – I miss being able to go out whenever I want and even just popping to the shops sounds fun right now!

 2) What are you using your daily outdoor allowance for?
Literally depends on the day, I have really been enjoying going for walks.  If I’m not feeling tired then I’m up for a run but if I am then I’ll go for a nice long walk instead!

 3) If you could only pick one form of exercise what would it be?
Ahhh again depends on the day – sometimes walking, sometimes running!

4) Are you doing online classes and if so which ones?
I haven’t yet, although I have been doing some home workouts from @bumpsandburpees

 5) Has anything about your attitude towards the lockdown surprised you?
It has made me appreciate the little things more and things I previously took for granted, like going for a walk!

 6) If you woke up tomorrow and everything was completely back to normal, where is the first place you would head to?
My nail salon! And then I would go out to to get brunch!

 7) Are you keeping a structured day like normal?
We are trying. We try to still get up at a normal time, do a few hours work sitting at the table but then by the afternoon I am normally wiped and need to have a nap. Some days go better than others.

 8) Do you have a favourite lockdown outfit or are you living in PJs all day?
I make a point to get dressed every day – some days I make more of an effort, otherwise its just leggings and a baggy t-shirt!

 9) Have you discovered a new hobby since lockdown?
I have always liked cooking but I have enjoyed making different things and experimenting with ‘fakeaways’.

 10) What do you miss the most about normal everyday life?
Just being able to pop out when you need to and seeing friends & family.

 11) How are you finding exercising with ‘bump’?
Tiring! I really struggled with tiredness the first couple of months so everything has felt a lot harder than usual.

 12) What is the one piece of training equipment you couldn’t live without during lockdown or has your attitude to training changed since bump happened?
I don’t have any weights at home so I have been using resistance bands for my home workouts but also being pregnant has just made me relax more and realise how important it is to listen to your body.

 13) If you could pick only one race, what would it be?
Ahhhh Ultra X Jordan – I think this will always be my favourite race.

 14) What’s your favourite programme on TV?
At the moment Celebrity Bake Off – I look forward to it every week!

 15) How do you relax?
Lying on the sofa with a cuppa and watching Disney films (Disney + has been a lifesaver!).

 16) What are your eating habits like during lockdown – same, junk food or discovering you are actually a Masterchef in the making?
Lots of snacking – we can easily get through a pack of biscuits in one sitting! But we are trying to make our meal times more healthy, and eating lots of fruit & veg too.

 17) If you could only buy one item of food from the supermarket what would it be?
Eggs! They seem to have all disappeared?!

 18) Pilates or yoga…or neither?
Neither.. I am so rubbish at this! Although I do want to start doing pregnancy yoga!

 19) What is the one thing the lockdown has made you appreciate?
How lucky we are that we still get to go outside and exercise! I don’t think I would cope if I had to stay in the house 24/7!

 20) Do you have a message for the NHS?
Just the biggest thank you for everything you do, and thank you for still finding time to look after us pregnant women!

And finally …

21) After bump arrives, if you could choose one professional athlete (past or present) to train you for your next sub 3 hour marathon, who would it be?

Jo Pavey! She has done amazingly well since having her children and just shows that age is no barrier either so I would want to know all of her tips & tricks!