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How to pace your race with Paul Addicott

If you have run any of the big marathons and you are a sub-4 hour pace then there is a good chance you have run alongside Paul Addicott at some point and is well-known in the running community around the world for pacing the ‘sub-4 hour fun bus’.

Paul has been the Lead Pacer for a number of years now for Rock n Roll Liverpool race weekend and he does a great talk at the RunFit Expo all about ‘Pacing your Race’ so as you can’t get to the Expo until October, we will bring his top tips to you instead

So let us introduce you to Paul …

We’ve all done it, sprinted across the start line caught up in the euphoria with everyone else and completing forgetting the strict training plan we have stuck to for the last 16 weeks …. so find out why pace is important?


So how is the best way to use a pacer?


One of the most frequently asked questions Paul is asked is how do you know what pace to run? Well here’s his answer …
So what are Paul’s Top Tips for race day …
What should you expect from a pacer …

Some great tips from Paul! You can catch him at the RunFit Expo on Day 2 of the RunFit Expo in October but in the meantime if you have any questions send him a message via his website or his Instagram page.