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Wonder Woman meets Super Mum

Some people say you can’t have it all but we reckon Super Mum Kelly Ruck (@kellogs_ontherun) has got the balance just right. She takes each day as it comes and juggles family life, post pregnancy fitness, type 1 diabetes and Chief Cheerleader for Matt Rees (@thewelshrunner) in her stride and always with an infectious smile on her face … we think she’s a real life Wonder Woman.

Kelly took part in the RunFit Expo last year and ran the Rock n Roll Liverpool 5k and half marathon when she was weeks pregnant with Baby Harri and we can’t wait to meet him when Kelly and Matt rejoin us as Guest Speakers once again in October this year. In the meantime we asked Kelly how she is getting on with Lockdown with her tribe and Matt who is continuing to go after PBs in his ‘Man-Cave’.

1) How are finding the lockdown?
In a bizarre way, I’m enjoying it. I obviously don’t like the reasons for it or the situation we are in but our family seems to have bonded more during this time. I feel like we’ve gone back to basics, that we are finding connections again as a family with spending so much time together. Instead of rushing and juggling, I’ve got the time to really enjoy my children.

2) What are you using your daily outdoor allowance for?
I’m using it for running mostly. I like to do a 45 minute out and back to a remote location. We are lucky to have a big enough garden for the kids to be able to play football, ride bikes etc and I tend to keep them to that as opposed to going out when too many people gather at the only place worth walking to. Luckily the dog comes along on my runs, although we have spent some of our outdoor allowance walking him at a normal pace!

3) If you could only pick one form of exercise what would it be?

4) Are you doing online classes and if so which ones?
I’ve done some PE with Joe Wicks with the kids, which even I found hard! I did try a few, such as Davina Mcalls workouts, but realised I was going overboard with online classes I normally wouldn’t do and it was affecting my running, so knocked them on the head.

5) Has anything about your attitude towards the lockdown surprised you?
I’ve been surprised with how calm I have been (mostly). Usually uncertainty makes me anxious but I’ve just taken it one day at a time and tried not to think too far ahead.

6) If you woke up tomorrow and everything was completely back to normal, where is the first place you would head to?
I would do a round trip to all of the kids grandparents houses so we can all have a huge cuddle!

7) Are you keeping a structured day like normal?
Not really. The only structure we have is meal times and making sure everyone does the essentials. Get dressed, wash, brush teeth, shower before bedtime etc. Everything else we’ve just gone with the flow. Home schooling has only been when the kids have asked to do something or seem willing. Otherwise, we’ve just played, been creative, anything to not stress them out.

8) Do you have a favourite lockdown outfit or are you living in PJS all day?
Jogging bottoms and fabric shorts in the warmer spells have been my best friends. No one sees the bottom half on video calls!

9) Have you discovered a new hobby since lockdown?
Neighbour watching? I didn’t think I was particularly nosey. Yet I seem to know a lot more about our neighbourhood now.

10) What do you miss the most about normal everyday life?
Freedom to come and go as you please. To be able to pop out to a coffee shop, or meet up with friends and family.

11) Are you still training with the same intensity indoors as you would normally?
My training hasn’t really changed, just improved. I’m still running and increasing my base mileage. Luckily we have a treadmill so I’m able to hop on that. I’m still strength training as normal too.

12) What is the one piece of training equipment you couldn’t live without during lockdown?

13) If you could pick only one race, what would it be?
At the moment, Amsterdam Marathon, just because that’s my goal this year.

14) What’s your favourite programme on TV?
Tiger King is a recent favourite.

15) How do you relax?
I love curling up with a book. Although finding the quiet time to do that is quite rare!

16) What are your eating habits like during lockdown – same, junk food or discovering you are actually a Masterchef in the making?
Mostly the same, a lot more snacking. I haven’t managed to social distance myself from the fridge.

17) If you could only buy one item of food from the supermarket what would it be?
Costa Latte Coffee Pods right now, I’m missing my daily Costa fix.

18) Pilates or yoga…or neither?
I’m trying to incorporate yoga more! Well, start.

19) What is the one thing the lockdown has made you appreciate?
The people I am missing.

20) Do you have a message for the NHS?
A huge thank you to those on every level. Thank you doesn’t seem enough. I cannot begin to imagine what you are having to deal with and the pressures you face, or the risk you put yourselves at every day, but thank you for all that you continue to do. You are true heroes and I couldn’t think of more worthy idols to my children.