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You’ve got the kit, have a coach and train hard? But what are you missing…

… the 4th discipline, NUTRITION!

The 4th Discipline is the key to unlocking your full performance potential.  Being the best you can possibly be in your chosen sport takes dedication, determination and hard training but nutrition is the 4th discipline that cannot be missed!

Claire Fudge, the person behind The 4th Discipline, is a Clinical Dietitian and Sports Performance Nutritionist. From graduating from Kings College London in 2003 with a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics, Claire has gone on to work with with athletes within a sport medicine team, young national level athletes, age-group and elite athletes from a wide range of sports such such as dancers, triathletes, endurance triathletes, ultra-runners, cyclists, weight related sports and athletes with eating disorders and REDs.

Claire herself is a competitive endurance triathlete and she will be talking all things nutrition and training at the RunFit Expo in May but as we can’t wait until then to find more we asked Claire how she got into triathlons in the first place:

When you did start running?
My first real race was the Great South Run when I first moved to Portsmouth to start my carer as a clinical dietitian.
Why did you start running?
Time efficiency! I loved the escapism and freedom it gave me; the lust for life, the feeling of being free!
Oh and for the post running fuelling!!!
When you did you move into tri/Ironman?
This sounds a little crazy but being run over by an oil tanker whilst out running on the rolling Yorkshire dale roads kickstarted the dream. I had a year of rehab and let’s just say running didn’t feature in the first 6 months! I had to find a way to maximise my training and getting the buzz for racing whilst recovering from injury with more cross-style training so I learnt to love the pool again and bought my first TT bike and wetsuit….this is where the dream became reality! 
What do you love about triathlons?
Every race is different….the community…….the ups and the downs! It builds determination and strength both physically and psychologically! 
Claire offers different packages from ‘Discovery Consultation’ packages through to Elite and Bespoke Packages, so make sure you listen to one of her seminars at the Expo and visit her on Stand 20.