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Let’s Do This Challenge Awards

We all run for different reasons and for many of us, the reason why we start running grows into something else.  As runners we are always looking for something to motivate us and seeing the progress on other runners often inspires us to start a new challenge, to try a new sport or just motivates us to keep going when the mojo might have jogged on.

The Challenge Awards, powered by Let’s Do This and presented by Runner’s World, aim to recognise the best challenge events, organisations, charities, communities, and individuals.

Their community of over 11,000 members have nominated their most Inspirational Male and Female sports person and the Top 10 have now been announced … and we are absolutely delighted to say two of our Guest Speakers from this year’s RunFit Expo, have been nominated in the categories of most Inspiring Woman and Most Inspiring Man.

Both runners are ‘everyday’ runners and we asked them to speak at the Expo not only because of their love of running but also their love for life where they continually inspire people to try a new challenge, to keeping going or to just have a go!

Becca Burns

Becca Burns, better known as @thisbunnyruns on Instagram, only started running in 2016 and her infectious love of everything sport-related can’t help but put a smile on your face as you read her posts and see her absolute delight in every challenge she takes on.

Rock n Roll Liverpool May 2019

Becca started running originally for fitness reasons but she soon fell in love with the sport. Her goals started off with acheivable targets such as running a 10k before she got the running bug and setting herself challenges such as running a 10k under 1 hour.

Her love for the sport moved on to half marathons and then she was given a charity place to run the London Marathon, where in the blistering hot race of 2018, she finished her first marathon in a staggering time of 4:40 hours. Manchester Marathon 2019 breaking her first sub-4 hour marathon

Each new challenge was tackled with her big smile we have all come to recognise and her delight every time she crosses the line is what running and sport is all about – enjoying it!

Asics London 10k 1 hour Pacer

In the 4 years since Becca put on her first pair of running shoes, she has completed 4 marathons, with a sub-4 hour in Manchester earlier this year, Ultra marathons, Ride London twice and has just completed her first Triathlon and we truly believe she deserves our vote!

London Tri

Ride London

Paul Addicott

Paul’s running journey started in 2006 when he decided to run a half marathon for no other reason then it coincided with his birthday but it wasn’t until 2009 before Paul started to take running seriously and by 2011, when he ran his first marathon (London of course!), he realised that not only was he was quite good at running but he actually enjoyed it.

Virgin London Marathon

Paul spent the next few years chasing PBs and was getting faster each time but in 2015 his first child arrived and Paul’s priorities changed when he realised training for those PBs meant too much time away from his son…. so Pick Up the Pace Paul was born!

Amsterdam Marathon

Paul decided that if he couldn’t train for PBs then he could help others get their PBs instead so Paul became one of the most friendliest faces for the Sub-4 hour marathon at many of the major races across UK and Europe.

Rock n Roll Liverpool

Paul’s go-get-it attitude and positive outlook to running and life has literally helped thousands of people get their dream time. For someone to sacrifice their own time to help someone else is commendable, but to keep on doing it time and time again is priceless!

Now Paul’s children are a little older, it’s great to see Paul going after his own goals again and we wish him the very best for the Ironman Vichy this Sunday … along with his wife who is doing IronGirl on Saturday and his children who are taking on IronKids … now this is what we call a #fitfamily. Follow Paul’s journey on his Instagram account @pauladdicott and of behalf of all the people Paul has helped over the years, you have our vote!


So please help us show Becca and Paul are support and take a couple of minutes to vote for them!