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Tips for running in this weekend’s weather

The Runfit Expo and Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Marathon & 1/2 Marathon is this weekend and it is worth taking note of the weather forecast before you start running. Weather reports are suggesting that although it may be hot, hot, hot, there is also the risk of heavy thundery showers. Here is the Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool Marathon, 1/2 Marathon course map along with the 5k route too. Plus, the Runfit Expo Guide to not only running in the heat but also running in thundery conditions.


Top 3 tips when running in the heat:


1. Stay properly hydrated – Staying hydrated is so important to staying cool and performing your best. Pre-hydrating is key, make sure you have plenty of fluids in the run up to the race. Re-hydrating is also critical, as you are running make sure you are drinking water and keeping topped up.

2. Adjust your pace – You will suffer performance loss in hot conditions, therefore it is important to listen to your body and adjust your race pace to reflect how you perform in the heat.

3. Protect your body – Wearing a cap is a great way to protect your head and help regulate your body temperature. Make sure you apply a high factor sunscreen to your skin so you don’t burn as you run the course.


 Top 3 tips when running in the rain:


1. Try and stay as dry as you can prior to the race – No one wants to start running in soggy shoes and wet clothes so try and stay under shelter before you start off. The Run Fit Expo in the ACC Liverpool is the perfect way to stay dry. Visit the stands, check out the special exhibitor offers and goodies on offer at the expo.

2.  Watch your step – Pay attention to the road ahead of you. It may be slippery so take care as you run and try to avoid landing in puddles!

3. Wear appropriate clothing – a lightweight waterproof jacket is essential to check you try. Don’t wear anything bulky as it may still be warm and you don’t want to raise your body temperature. Sunglasses can be helpful to keep the rain (and the sun) out of your eyes.

Whatever the weather this weekend, have fun, take care and run your best race ever!