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Are you a virtual runner?

Are you a virtual runner?  Taking part in an actual race is an amazing feeling but they are not for everyone so why not take part in a virtual race instead!

What are virtual races?

Virtual races are becoming more and more popular.  There are lots of reasons why some runners prefer virtual runs to the ‘real thing’:

  • work shifts or work at weekends
  • too far away or can’t get to the event
  • don’t like crowds
  • prefer running by themselves
  • you can chose when and where to run your virtual race


Benefits of a Virtual Race

There are many benefits of taking part in a Virtual Race:

  • you still get the bling … and we all know it’s all about the bling!
  • keeps you motivated to train
  • helps you aim for a PB – you can run in your favourite weather conditions
  • you can beat the crowds
  • no queueing for the port-a-loos!

If you think virtual races might be right up your street, then head over the Runfit Expo next weekend at the Echo Arena as we have a couple of Virtual Running companies exhibiting. The RunFit Expo is part of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Race Series Weekend ….but you don’t need to participate in the races to visit the Expo, as it is FREE entry for everyone!


POW! Virtual Running is an online events organisation based in South Wales.

The concept is simple. Just choose a race, pay the small entry fee, then complete the distance. This could be during a training run, on a treadmill, as part of a running group or just as a personal challenge. Make sure you record your distance on a running app or watch, then return to the website and submit your evidence to them. Your medal will then be sent to you in the post and 20% of each months profits is donated to a different charity each month!

Click HERE for a list of their forthcoming races and sign up today!


A Virtual Runner UK virtual race is a race that can be ran at any location. You can walk, use the treadmill, run outside or participate in another race. You can run your race at your pace anywhere in the world.

Virtual races are a great way to stay fit and active all year round, run for a good cause and get awesome medals for your participation!

  • Step 1

    Sign Up


    Sign up to the race you fancy and start your journey towards earning yourself a piece of Virtual Runner bling! The medals are bespoke so will stand out in your collection. By entering, you also help raise £1,000’s for various deserving charities.

  • Step 2


    You can complete your virtual race on your own around your housing estate, at the gym on a treadmill or even with a group of running buddies – essentially you can compete anywhere in the world! The races come with no time pressure – your pace is individual to you and you will earn your medal for completing whatever your speed. You can even walk our races without the fear of crowds at the beginning or at the point in your race when you really could do with that 2 second pause. Each of our races have dates to complete allowing lots of flexibility to complete your challenge, see the race dates and deadline here

  • Step 3


    Submit proof of the run to the website. Many forms of proof are accepted, as long as they can see you have completed the distance and the time it takes you, we’re happy. Examples include Garmin photos, app screenshots, fitbit stats, parkrun times etc.

  • Step 4


    Your results will then be upload to their league table so you can compete with like-minded runners. A few days later, you will receive your well-deserved bling in the post!

    Sounds simple enough …. so go on, get running!

    And if you still haven’t signed up for the 5k, half marathon or marathon next weekend, there is still time but there is VERY LIMITED spaces left …. click HERE to sign up today!